I am not an expert in either Christianity or documentary photography.  Through this blog, I hope to facilitate a discussion among people who are more knowledgeable than I, and frankly bring together the two worlds.  I see powerful potential in encouraging the genre of christian documentary photography.

As for me, I practice law in Washington, D.C., and live in a small town in Indiana (and on airplanes).

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  1. Hello my name is Jose Jimenez and I was a friend of Rev. Bruce Johnson.Because of my past involvement in the lost inner city of Chicago,it is only this semester at age 63 that I will be completing my undergraduate degree.My adviser has allowed me to do ten credits of research and I have chosen to attempt to document the Young Lords and the Lincoln Park community of Chicago, during the 60′s and early 70′s. The New York Young Lords became famous including people like show talk hosts Felipe Luciano and Geraldo Rivera.In Chicago where it started,we were just fighting the patronage machine to save the Puerto Rican and low income section from being displaced.Rev. Bruce Johnson was teaching our members to be proud to be Puerto Ricans by teaching us our own history that was not available at our schools.There is no doubt in my mind that that was the reason, along with his support for us that both he and his wife Eugenia were murdered.My mother’s name is also Eugenia.In fact his assistant,Rev. Sergio Herrera was also murdered a few weeks later after being transfered to a Los Angeles parish.Then, the Young Lords and Rev. Johnson were working closely with the Black Panthers and on Dec.4th 1969 Mark Clark and Fred Hampton were also murdered.Just three weeks after Rev. Bruce Johnson. I am not a professional investigator just a humble man who owes his life to the work of Rev. Bruce Johnson. I am writing to see if I can do an interview with anyone from the family for this oral history project.I am in Grand Rapids,MI at Grand Valley State University.My number is:231-571-0502 and my email is: josejimenez1948@yahoo.com I will travel.
    The interview would be two hours and I am willing to submit the questions prior to the interview. They will be archived at the university with an official website dedicated to the oral histories.Praying that I can hear from someone soon.
    Thank You,

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